Welcome to school in Uganda


Children who are not in school are at risk of human and sex trafficking, starvation and disease.  School keeps them off the streets, fed a meal each day and teaches them personal hygene, self care and skills to survive and thrive and become positive, contributors within their communties.

2019 - Terms - Start & Finish

Term 1  - 4 Feb 2019 to 22 April 2019

Term 2  - 28 May 2019 to 8 Aug 2019

Term 3  - 7 Sep 2019 to 12 Dec 2019

CHFU currently supports 55 children to attend primary and secondary schools.  

Each child receives a home visit and a medical and needs assessment is documented.

Children attend the school closest to their home and walk in groups for safety.

No child is taken from their home. 

Primary school (Kindergarten-7) - 1 child $ 25/mth or $ 300/year

Secondary school (High School) - 1 child $ 42/mth or $ 500/year

O & A classes and Vocational Skills Training sponsorship is also an option.

Vocational Skills Training - 1 child $ 100/mth or $ 1200/year

Contact us to find out more about what programs are available.

Additional funding for School Supplies and Uniforms is also required once a year

Give a 1 time Gift - $25, $50, $75, $100

The Bruce and Lorraine MacPherson Rotary Trillium Bursary for $ 500 CAD is awarded once a year to help support older students wishing to pursue vocational skills and trades. Contact us to learn more.

A Day at School

A day at school with Sharon Kamya - one of our CHFU directors who works closely with the children and assures that the needs of the children are met, such as shoes, uniforms and school supplies.  Sharon also teaches the children about the generosity of the donors who support them.  Thank you!

Education for Life

Funded through a Gala Dinner organized by Rotaract Guelph, Wotari Mwajuma, a local 18 year old - has been enrolled in Early Childhood Education and Development  at Tubalera Vocational Training Institute in Jinja. Wotari began studies on the 8th/May/2017 and is seen here practicing songs with the children. Wotari is summarizing and doing her final exams in December and will graduate next year. 

Making Uniforms

Women in the local village make the uniforms for CHFU sponsored children.  Sharon communicates the sizing and information needed for boys and girls.