In 2012 - Rotary Trillium Guelph funded the installation of a water tap on the CHFU Land.  This small tap has enabled access to water for many families in the area.  The tap is locked and monitored and there is a monthly fee of approx. $ 50.  The water still requires boiling but has provided a necessity of life in the community,  who no longer have to travel miles to find water for cooking and drinking.  This water access is also vital for washing and general hygiene purposes, helping to eliminate the spread of disease and illness.


Sugar Cane Crop


This photo depicts a sugar cane crop.  Sugar cane refineries in the area are in high demand for the production of sugar cane.  Ideal weather and soil conditions in the area have provided for an opportunity to invest in sugar cane.  Not only creating jobs, profits from the harvest will provide school fees and other essential needs for the community.  One time planting will provide harvest for 4 consecutive years. Click here to learn more about other agriculture projects that wre are doing.


Medical Care

Medical Clinics have been supported by both Rotary Guelph Trillium and South clubs to eradicate the jigger problem in the area.  Jiggers are a flea like parasite that infests and nests in the skin.  Many children and adults are infected and removal must be done manually.  If left untreated, infection could eventually lead to having to amputate body parts or even death.  The clinics aim to inform people how to avoid infection and clean homes of dust where these parasites come from.  Shoes are often provided to avoid repeat infections.


Sponsored children

The children who benefit from sponsorship through CHFU have been given an opportunity to improve the lives of their families and of their entire communities.  Teachers, nurses, doctors, store managers and dentists are among the few occupations that these children strive and hope to one day become, creating sustainability for the future through your support.  Click here  to learn more about how you can become a sponsor or help support.


Praise Fellowship family

The Kamya Family of leaders at Praise Fellowship offer support and love to the community.  Teaching Christian principals through weekly gatherings Sundays and during the week.  The service is filled with African music and time to reflect on faith and living a future that is hopeful and spirit filled.  Click here to learn more about Praise Fellowship Christian Centre.



Rotary has funded 2 latrines on the land.  These are the only facilities in the area that can be publicly accessed to anyone who needs a safe place to go.  In order to help alleviate open defecation and the spread of disease, the latrines have been a welcomed and much used addition to the community.  Click here to learn more about Health & Safety initiatives.