Health treatment, prevention plans & food security



ROTARY Guelph Trillium has been at the forefront of implementing lasting change for a healthier community. The funding towards the construction of this wash room/pit latrine is unforgettable. This has helped to improve the sanitation and hygiene around the centre, which serves the children and the nearby community, 


Eradication of Jiggers Project

Jiggers are a flea that infests when good hygiene

practices are not followed. They live in the dirt floors

of homes and nest in the skin causing much pain

and distress. Children are the most effected,

especially children without a full time parent to help

ensure they wash and inspect for the disease.

Currently 30-40% of children in the Bugembe area

are infested with Jiggers.


Jigger clinics

Rotary Guelph has funded 3 jigger clinics that have been a great blessing. Hundreds of people infected with jiggers were reached and treated, these being mainly children. Also through efforts to fumigate homes and local primary schools to kill the jigger flea. This has led to improvement of lives especially in neglected children and has help reestablish human dignity.


Safe Cooking Practices

Sharon is seen here teaching local women about safe cooking in their homes.  Many women still cook on open fires inside their homes, resulting in breathing problems and other health issues.