Land and Food Security


The legacy of Bruce MacPherson

2 pieces of land are currently owned by CHFU.  The church building; the original gathering place and the land you see here which was purchased through generous donations in honour of Bruce MacPherson.  It was Bruce's hope that the children would have food security to alleviate their hunger and go to school instead of having to work to find food.  This land is a vital part in helping break the poverty cycle.


Harvesting the Crops

The land also offered an employment opportunity for a farmer who plowed and seeded the field and 3 local women were hired to cultivate and helped in harvesting. We harvested 880kg of corn. (8 full sacks weighing 110kg each)  So far 400kg has been consumed by chfu for porridge and posho meals.  We still have 480kg in storage that will be processed into flour for porridge and meals.  We estimate, this will take us until February 2019.


Flour and Meals

We wait for the corn to dry and harvest and pill the seeds off and pack in sacks for storage in a dry place. Then we take to the Miller and mill into flour for food and porridge.  1-  Water is boiled 2-  Flour is poured into boiled water 3-  Mixed until water is dissolved while on fire for 15 minutes and posho is formed ready to serve and eat with any sauce. We will need to purchase about 50kg of new seeds to plant next season due end of February 2019.