CHFU Uganda

Micheal and Sharon Kamya are local ordained Ministers.  They have 4 children and serve in the area o

Micheal and Sharon Kamya are local ordained Ministers.  They have 4 children and serve in the area of Bugembe, Jinja, Uganda.  They are leaders of hope and founders of Praise Fellowship.  As CHFU founders and directors,  they work directly with orphaned children, schools and local builders to ensure integrity of the organization and our mission.


Children in Need of Support

"According to the CIA World Factbook and other sources, the population of Uganda in January 2011 was 33,398,682.  Approximately 50% of these people are under the age of fourteen.  So Uganda is a population of young people. Roughly half its citizens are adolescents, and there are few elderly people to pass on useful skills or simple life lessons to the young generation"

CHFU Canada


Dennis and Stephanie Devey, from Guelph, Ontario, Canada, have  3 children and are founders and directors of CHFU.  Along with Micheal and Sharon, in Uganda, they make sure that 100% of the funding gets to Uganda with Zero Admin costs. Through raising awareness, fundraising events and outreach initiatives, they oversee and report on the progress, success and integrity of CHFU.



Bruce and Lorraine McPherson, visited the CHFU project with Michael in 2014.  This was their 8th visit to Uganda; passionate & determined in their quest to help orphaned children receive funding for education.  Bruce passed away however his legacy lives on with the purchase of land that is being harvested for food for the children and community.  Generous donations from the USA, Australia and around the world help CHFU continue to grow.  Opportunities to visit with a team are coming!



Rotary Club of Guelph South and Guelph Trillium have made contributions through Rotary International to build latrines, concrete floors, desks and chairs. funding for school fees, uniforms and Jigger Eradication Health Clinics.  The University of Guelph Rotaract Club, held a Gala that raised awareness and funding for 3 girls to attend College.  An amazing part of the CHFU team - learn more about Rotary at

Praise Fellowship


Praise Fellowship was built on land funded by Michael's family and CHFU Founders.  It is the hub of hope for the community and a gathering place for worship and praise.  Filled with the spirit of music and dance, this building often provides safety and a place to feed meals to orphaned children and those in need.  It is with God's grace that Michael and Sharon continue to serve.